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Welcome to Stuniverse - the world of imagination

***Busy Blood - published May 2012.***

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***Busy Blood - available to buy now***

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Derby Scribes 2011 anthology


Stuniverse is the world of my imagination. It's a world in an alternate universe, a world very similar to our own, but different in subtle ways, a world created from the stuff of wonder and inhabited by good, bad and tortured souls.

And now the time has come for me to share this world of wonder with you. You don't need a ticket or a passport, all you need is a little time and the desire to visit. Just for a short while. You'll be safe because you will have me to guide you and I know the way.

I'll take you, if you'll let me, and I'll show you the sights and introduce you to some of the fascinating people who live there. And then I'll return you to our own world, safe and sound.

Take my hand and hold on tight.

Stuart Hughes