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Editing again

Posted by Stuart Hughes on April 22, 2011 at 3:34 AM Comments comments (0)

With the line-up of writers and stories for Hersham Horror Book’s Alt-Dead anthology confirmed, the editorial team have gone into full-on editing mode.

Editor Peter Mark May has divided the stories into two batches for his deputy editors – Adrian Chamberlin and yours truly – to read through and edit.

I finished working through my batch of eight yesterday and a thoroughly enjoyable read the stories were too. It reminded me of my previous life editing and publishing Peeping Tom with my good friend David Bell.

Alt-Dead will be the first title published by Hersham Horror Books. Currently at editing stage, the anthology will be a print and Kindle release, with an approximate release date of 1st September 2011 and a launch at FantasyCon over the weekend of 30th September to 2nd October 2011 at the Royal Albion Hotel, Brighton.

The full line-up is: -

The Shufflers by Steven Savile and Steve Lockley

The Men in High Castles by Ian Woodhead

Mr Huxton Goes Camping by Mark West

Last Supper by Dave Jeffery

A Real Buried Treasure by Stuart Neild

Shape Without Form, Shade Without Colour by Steve Bacon

In Bits by R. J. Gaulding

Running With The Dead by Zach Black

Z Cruise by Katherine Tomlinson

Fisher Of Men by Adrian Chamberlin

The Clinic by Jan Edwards

Unfinished Business by Stuart Hughes

Talk Show by Richard Farren Barber

Everybody Floats by Gary McMahon

Till Death Do Us Part by Stuart Young

The Jacket by Johnny Mains