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Busy Blood - combo stories by Stuart Hughes and D. F. Lewis


*** Published by theEXAGGERATEDpress 20th March 2012***

Eleven short story collaborations written by Stuart Hughes and D. F. Lewis.

"Adroitly written tales of the fantastic for the discerning connoisseur. A wonderful synthesis of mysterious delights and freakish surprises - expect the unexpected!" - Simon Clark.

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Ocean Eyes - a collection of eleven short stories by Stuart Hughes

Stuart Hughes writes with an energy in his prose which is natural and infectious. The stories in this collection will hold you from beginning to end. These stories will touch you and make you think.

"Very powerful, driven by strong feeling, that grabbed my attention and drew me along easily." - Stephen Gallagher.

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Derby Scribes 2011 Anthology

Derby Scribes Anthology 2011

A collection of eleven short stories from Derby Scribes members (Stuart's story is Brylcreem and Pipe Tobacco), plus guest authors Conrad WilliamsSimon Clark, Neal James.

"The Brylcreem and Pipe Tobacco short was my favourite, with its indicator of both enduring love and late-in-life romance–both lifted out of the ordinary by an extraordinary visit to a medium." - Tonya Cannariato, A Book A Day.

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Sixteen alternative dead stories from Stuart Hughes, Gary McMahon, Stuart Young, Steven Savile and Steve Lockley, Stephen Bacon, Dave Jeffery, Mark West, Adrian Chamberlain,  Richard Farren Barber, Johnny Mains and others.

"Unfinished Business by Stuart Hughes is an interesting mix of dreams and reality and tells of ghostly revenge and retribution." - Anthony Watson, Dark Musings.

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Daily Frights 2012: 366 Days of Dark Flash Fiction (Leap Year Edition)

366 Days of Dark Flash Fiction (Leap Year Edition) is a 2012 flash fiction calendar anthology, with a 500 word or less short story featured for every day of the calendar year. Filled with 366 short stories, this is a fun and practical anthology designed for busy readers.

"In His Own Way by Stuart Hughes is a miniature masterpiece of sadistic black humour." - Keith Brooke, Infinity Plus.

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ePocalypse: emails at the end

It's the end of the world ... but there's still time to send out a quick email.  This collection features 33 apocalyptic collaborative short stories, written  entirely in email format. The end is near, so you better read while you can! 

Contains the short story Long Way Home - collaboration written by Stuart Hughes and Richard Farren Barber.

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