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Busy Blood - combo stories by Stuart Hughes and D. F. Lewis



*** Published May 2012 *** 

Now available from theEXAGGERATEDpress, the short story collection Busy Blood, featuring eleven collaborations by Stuart Hughes and D. F. Lewis.

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"Adroitly written tales of the fantastic for the discerning connoisseur. A wonderful synthesis of mysterious delights and freakish surprises - expect the unexpected!" - Simon Clark.

This is the crooked, surreal and dark house that Stuart Hughes and D. F. Lewis built. This is a lonely collection of shadow-filled rooms and twisted passageways where no reality is certain, where certainty shifts and distorts.

This is the place of grotesque free sex, of demon armies and clinics in which exorcism is by surgery. This is where you will find quiet tumours and the mansion with two bedsits and where you will be meticulously prepared for madness.

This is Busy Blood.

"Stuart Hughes has a natural ability, a determination and raw talent that is undeniable" - Conrad Williams

"In one short page, Lewis manages to unsettle in a way that a ream of small press magazines could never do in a lifetime of trying." - Sygian Articles 

Contents: -

Busy Blood

Combing the Brain

Queer Tumours

Beyond The Comfort Zone

The Mansion With Two Bedsits

Meticulously Prepared For Madness

Bad Moon Visions

The Sirocco-Scarred City

Hide and Sleek

Ambulance Chasers

Free Sex