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When Hersham Horror Books approached Stuart Hughes and asked him if he wanted to write for and edit the next book in their Pentanth Series, he immediately said yes and pitched the idea of Siblings - where at least one of the siblings has a dark secret.

Due for publication in September 2012, Stuart will be joined by Sam Stone, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Richard Farren Barber and Sara Jayne Townsend.

*** Coming Soon from theEXAGGERATEDpress ***

Stamp this book on your consciousness - it's coming soon

Busy Blood - combo stories by Stuart Hughes and D. F. Lewis, coming soon from theEXAGGERATEDpress.

theEXAGGERATEDpress - three book deal

Exaggerated Press will be publishing three books featuring short stories by Stuart Hughes. The three books will be: -

2012 - a collection of collaborative short stories Stuart wrote with D. F. Lewis

2013 - a collection of the best of Stuart's short stories published since his first collection Ocean Eyes

2013/14 - a definitive collection of all Stuart's published short stories

Daily Frights 2012

Stuart Hughes's short story "In His Own Way: a drabble" has been published in Daily Frights 2012 (Pill Hill Press).

366 Days of Dark Flash Fiction (Leap Year Edition) is a 2012 flash fiction calendar anthology, with a 500 word or less short story featured for every day of the calendar year. Filled with 366 short stories, this is a fun and practical anthology designed for busy readers. Buy it here

British Fantasy Society Journal

Stuart Hughes's short story "Granny's Lucky Charm" has been published in the British Fantasy Society Journal Winter 2011/2012 issue.

Derby Scribes Anthology 2011

Derby Scribes 2011 Anthology

Stuart Hughes's short story "Brylcreem and Pipe Tobacco" has been published in the Derby Scribes 2011 Anthology.

Containing eleven short stories from Scribes Alison J. Hill, Christopher Barker, David Ball, Jennifer Brown, Peter Borg, Richard Farren Barber, Stuart Hughes and Victoria Charvill, plus guest authors Conrad Williams, Neal James, and Simon Clark.

Also featuring an introduction by Alex Davis and art work by Samantha Enyon.

Go and Buy It!



 Alt-Dead anthology

Stuart Hughes's short story "Unfinished Business" has been published in Hersham Horror Books anthology "Alt-Dead."

Edited by Peter Mark May, the line-up also includes short stories by Stephen Bacon, Stuart Young, Gary McMahon, Dave Jeffery, Mark West, Zach Black, R. J. Gaulding, Jan Edwards, Steven Savile and Steve Lockley, Katherine Tomlinson, Adrian Chamberlain, Ian Woodhead, Stuart Neild, Richard Farren Barber and Johnny Mains. Sixteen alternative dead stories.

Check out the trailer then go and buy it!

ePocalypse: emails at the end

Long Way Home, a short story Stuart Hughes wrote with Richard Farren Barber, has been published in the anthology ePocalypse: emails at the end.

It's the end of the world ... but there's still time to send out a quick email.  This collection features 33 apocalyptic collaborative short stories, written  entirely in email format. The end is near, so you better read while you can! 

Derby Telegraph 

This stifling heat could drive a man to . . .

Stuart Hughes's short story Beach Rage was published in the Derby Telegraph on Wednesday 15th June 2011 and online on This is Derbyshire.


Midnight Street breaks jinx 

Stuart Hughes's short story The Car Park was published in Midnight Street issue #15 on Wednesday 8th June 2011.

Contains additional fiction by Allen Ashley, Andrew Darlington, Stuart Young, Graeme Stevenson, Paul Edwards, Ken Goldman, Mark Howard Jones, Kyle McManus, Lauren Halkon and John Forth. Available as a PDF download.

Stuart is delighted that Midnight Street finally breaks the jinx. The Car Park was Stuart's first ever accepted story way back in 1989 but Skeleton Crew folded before getting around to publishing it. Maelstrom subsequently accepted the story but also folded prior to publication.

The Car Park is published for the first time in Midnight Street.


Stuart Hughes's short story Soul Break has been published in the Dark Horizons section of the British Fantasy Society Journal Spring Issue.

The British Fantasy Society currently produces three magazines (Dark Horizons, New Horizons and Prism) combined as separate sections in a new single publication, called the BFS Journal. Members currently receive every item which the BFS publishes during their membership period.

Over the years the BFS has issued various publications under a variety of names and formats, on all manner of subjects, including fiction, biographies and bibliographies. Editors, authors, writers and artists have been as many and varied as their subject matter.

Prism (originally known as the Bulletin) and Dark Horizons first appeared in 1971. Later, a range of booklets was produced as bonus items, as part of the membership, although each had a price tag for resale to non‑members through specialist shops. Eventually, the BFS began to publish paperback and hardback books, such asThe Age of Chaos (2002) and Houses on the Borderland (2008).

From the very outset it has been the BFS’s aim to produce items that will appeal to a wide audience and endure as tributes to favourite authors and subject matters in the best way possible.

 Golden Visions Magazine

Stuart Hughes's short story Brylcreem and Pipe Tobacco was published in Golden Visions Magazine Spring Issue #14 on 31st March 2011.



Peter Mark May, editor of Hersham Horror's Alt-Dead anthology, has appointed Adrian Chamberlin and Stuart Hughes as deputy editors.

Subject matter is Alternative Dead stories, zombies, ghouls, ghosts, vampires, and something new, something with a half-rotted lemon twist. Stories will be a mix of gore-fests, and subtle slants, cerebral tales, and blood and guts pieces of Armageddon.

The line-up will be announced soon after the 31st March 2011 deadline. Hersham Horror are aiming for publication in Autumn 2011 and a launch at this year's Fantasycon.   



Sex and Murder 

Stuart Hughes's drabble (a 100 word story exactly) titled In His Own Way: A Drabble was published in Sex and Murder Magazine #16 on 14th January 2011.

Sex and Murder Magazine brings you all the blood, guts, and beauty you've been craving. Tales of depravity and poems to enlighten the darkest of souls fills its pages. So come on in to Sex and Murder Magazine and see just how good it can feel to be scared.   


TTA Press Advent Calendar

Two of Stuart Hughes's short stories were included on the TTA Advent Calendar 2010.

Beach Rage was included on the Advent Calendar on 21st December and In His Own Way: A Drabble featured on Christmas Day.

Stuart Hughes wins short story competition

Stuart Hughes's entry in the 2010 Derby Scribes Short Story Competition was awarded 1st place by a judging panel of Neal James, his editor, and his wife.

Neal James visited Derby Scribes in September 2010 and the Scribes were given the first four paragraphs of his short story "Killing Me Softly" and asked to complete the story in no more than 2,000 words.

The results of the competition were announced in December 2010.


Derby Telegraph 

A beautiful evening until the last dance.

Stuart Hughes's short story The Palace Ball was published in the Derby Telegraph on Thursday 2nd December 2010 and online on This is Derbyshire.


Guest Author 

Stuart Hughes is the Guest Author on the Neal James website for December 2010. Neal has selected Pay Back Time (a pastiche of Simon Clark's Sex, Savagery and Blood, Blood, Blood) as the featured story.

Derby Telegraph 

Money talks in a city of lust and greed.

Stuart Hughes's short story Money Talks was published in the Derby Telegraph on Monday 15th November 2010 and online on This is Derbyshire.



Rams Panel 

Stuart Hughes is now a member of the Derby Telegraph Rams Panel and will be writing Derby County match previews and reviews throughout the 2010/11 npower Championship season.


Derby Scribes 

Stuart Hughes is a member of Derby Scribes, a writing group based in the city of Derby.

"Derby Scribes meet in the Learning Suite at Derby Central Library on the first and third Mondays of each month (between 7.00 and 9.00 pm) to discuss different aspects of writing and to receive feedback on pieces we have written. Our goal is to encourage each others' literary endeavours, as well as to give advice and improve our own writing skills.

"We are open to all writers, whether you're just beginning or you are already published. Our group includes all abilities, genres, poets and script writers.

"Meetings consist of storytelling evenings, writing exercises and theme based discussions. We also have established authors and professionals from the writing community as guests to do readings and talks based on their own work."