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Ocean Eyes - a collection of eleven short stories by Stuart Hughes


Stuart Hughes writes with an energy in his prose which is natural and infectious. The stories in this collection will hold you from beginning to end. These stories will touch you and make you think.

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"Very powerful, driven by strong feeling, that grabbed my attention and drew me along easily." - Stephen Gallagher

"I read this with a great big grin all over my face - I loved it." - Simon Clark

"I really enjoyed this - it dealt with mature topics which is always a joy to see in genre stories. An excellent command of dialogue and that made the characters seem real to me." - Mark Chadbourn

“This was so good I didn’t want it to end. That’s the highest accolade I ever give anyone!” – Madeleine Finnegan

Ocean Eyes reviewed by Keith Brooke (Infinity Plus).

Ocean Eyes is the first collection of short stories by Stuart Hughes. Containing artwork by Madeleine Finnegan.

Ocean Eyes is priced at £4.00 and is available in the Web Store (via PayPal) or by emailing oceaneyes1997 [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

ISBN: 978-0-9530016-0-6 (0-9530016-0-1)